Third Party Inspection

Third Party Inspection

Now a day, in present time, each and every product may be engineering, machinery, consumables or even in food industry, and services sector there is lots of competition and for every product and all services provided there are N number of manufacturers. To remain in competition and business there is at most necessary that quality of the product must be of “A” grade.

Because of this reason now important of quality control & quality assurance becomes vital important requirement.

We at Manoria Associates provide our valued services to the industry to maintain the quality of their product and services by deputing our expert engineers to inspect the product with respect to specification detail in QAP-Quality Assurance Plan prepared by any manufacturer.

The various products so far we have come across for inspections are listed below.

Mechanical Inspection

  • All kinds of Machineries for Pharma, Textile, Plastic processing, Steel Plant, etc.
  • Online inspection of all types of and sizes of line pipes, GI pipes, SS pipes under production
  • MS and SS steel plate under production
  • Reduction gear boxes
  • EOT cranes and Hoist
  • Pressure vessels
  • Tankages
  • Dished ends
  • Structural
  • Various types of skids
  • Cross country pipeline installation and commissioning
  • Induction bends
  • Aluminum anodes

Electrical Inspection

  • All types of HT/LT transformer under production and testing
  • All types of HT/LT motors under production and testing
  • All types of Flexible wire as well as HT/LT cables under production and testing
  • Substation equipments installation and commissioning

Coating and Painting Inspection

  • Following types of coating and painting work
  • Concrete weight, 3-LPE Coating, Fusion Bonded epoxy coating, PU coating and Internal epoxy coating as well as cement mortar lining coating for various types of pipeline
  • Inspection of rubber lining & glass lining coating

Data Analysis